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       2016 DODGE 3500


We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your repossession needs.


        2014 DODGE 4500

​                 RETIRED

2017 RAM 4500

          2015 FORD F-450

         2016 DODGE 4500

   2017 RAM 5500 

We are a Full Service Repossession Company located in Wichita, Kansas with a combined 16 years in the industry, We are RISC Certified and C.A.R.S. Certified, as well as Recovery Standard Certified and recently VTS Verified and a member of Time Finance Adjusters as well as members of CALR and cover the entire State of Kansas and Northern Oklahoma.

We are Fully Insured and Bonded and hold a $1 Million Dollar Client Protection Bond on top of our regular insurance to ensure each clients assets are fully protected, our clients are also protected under another $1 million dollar bond issued by Time Finance Adjusters.

Our office also has two (2) Licensed Private Detectives on staff that assist in our skip work and investigations for those "hard to find" accounts.


​​Our facility offers both indoor and outdoor secured storage for our clients assets, the facility is guarded by a 9ft fully reinforced fence, with barb wire and fully professional monitored security camera's all the way around the building and in the outdoor secured storage area as well as the indoor secured storage area, the facility is also equipped with high end security locks and motion activated lights all the way around the facility, We take having a very secured facility very serious and are always upgrading our systems as needed.


​​Our Fleet is equipped with state of the art technology to allow each Agent the very best and fastest information while in the field, each truck is equipped with a internet ready laptop, GPS, dollies, jumper box and needed tools for in the field, our Agents are in constant communication with the office while working assignments in the field and are able to provide lighting fast updates for our Clients, while working assignments after hours our Agents are always able to reach a member of management if needed.